Caltanissetta: the heart of Sicily

By Debbie - 7:32 PM

If we consider the island of Sicily as a triangle heart, then we can say that Caltanissetta is its heart since it is located in the centre of it.
Although not very known, not very touristic, neither popular among foreigners, Caltanissetta gives home to more or less 60.000 Sicilians. The city is not big at all for the number of its inhabitants, neither is as developed as it should have been. It is mostly old and ruined since the local government does not have the resources to renovate or restore the city. But this is kind of its beauty. 
The sense of an old, traditional Sicilian city: narrow streets and laundry outstretched :)

One interesting thing about Caltanissetta is that many young people live there and they are quite active in their society, working against racism or being anarchists or environmentally concerned. Whatever it is, they are really passionate and struggle about their beliefs.
While my stay there, I had the chance to mix up with the local community. 
There was actually nothing touristic to see there, unless you consider the whole city as a museum. 
Some photos around the rainy city:
Our lovely hotel: Antichi Ricordi in historic centre
It was raining heavily for days so part of the street fell down!
A walk at the open market with our Senegalese and Kenyan friends was really fun! 
Pomodori siciliani
The hippest restaurant/bar in the city: Tra Parentesi
Garibaldi square: the main one

La Dolce Vita

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