Hola from the basque country!

By Debbie - 1:29 AM

I am currently in Vitoria, in the north of Spain, in the Basque Country (I have to mention that because basque -and not spanish- people make it clear all the time that here is BASQUE COUNTRY). 
Vitoria is the capital of Basque province although not as famous as Bilbao. Historically, Vitoria is known for the "Battle of Vitoria" during the Peninsular War which occurred on 21 June 1813. This battle is of great importance as the Spanish, Portuguese and British army under the command of General the Marquess of Wellington broke the French army and nearly captured Joseph Bonaparte. It was a pivotal point in the Peninsular War eventually leading to the defeat of Bonaparte. A memorial statue can be seen today in Virgen Blanca Square.
As a city, it is really beautiful with many little streets and cute boutique shops, really unique, good nightlife and fantastic food! Their tapas are called pintxos and they are so so so delicious. I love Spain. But here I should say that I love basque country! :)

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