Guggenheim Bilbao

By Debbie - 9:41 AM

(Taken on 23.05.2015)
Impressive as a spaceship that landed on Earth, Guggenheim museum is one of the most important museums designed by internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry and opened on 1997. It is now the landmark of Bilbao and attracts many tourists every year. 
Reminds you of something? If you have already visited Los Angeles, you can see the similarities with Walt Disney Concert Ηall and that's because it was designed also by Frank Gehry and opened six years later, on October 24, 2003. 
There are more than one Guggenheim museums designed by Gehry: the most known in New York city and an upcoming in Abu Dhabi that will open its doors in 2016 and will be the biggest one. 

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