Singing in the rain

2:51 PM

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When rainy days come, your will to leave your cozy house is nonexistent. Wear your rain boots, hold a big umbrella and just have in mind that rain is just confetti from the sky. 
Time does not come back, never lose a day, try to make the best out of it! And in the meantime listen to my rainy playlist here

1. Singing in the rain
2. I'm only happy when it rains - Garbage 
3. Lonesome street - Blur
4. Blame it on the rain - He is we
5. The Beatles - Rain
6. November Rain - Guns'n'Roses
7. No rain - Blind Melon
8. Purple rain - Prince
9. Raining in Baltimore - Counting Crows
10. Bloodflood - Alt-J
11. It will rain - Bruno Mars
12. I think it's going to rain today - Lauren O'Connel

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