Turkey's ghost town

By Debbie - 1:56 PM

During our trip in the mediterranean city of Fethiye, we decided to visit the ancient city of Kayaköy, located only 8 km far and face our recent Greco-Turkish history. When you arrive at the abandoned town, you see a hill full of roofless ruined houses so greatly built one next to the other that seems like a painting from far away. 

Although the scenery brings to mind ancient times even from the BC era, Kayaköy was built on 18th century and Greeks lived here until the war of 1922. The city was known as Karmylassos and about 20,000 Greeks inhabited the city till the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) after World War I and the fallout of Ottoman Empire. Today there are 500 houses and two Greek Orthodox churches left, protected by the Turkish Government as a monument. Kayaköy was adopted by UNESCO as a World Friendship and Peace Village. Entrance to the monument costs 5 TL.

When you go down the hill, you will see an old couple selling some souvenirs. If you are not in the mood of souvenir shop you should not miss the chance to have a cup of tea and taste the handmade traditional gözleme prepared by the lady.

Gözleme preparation

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  1. This sounds like a very interesting and beautiful place! I would love to taste that gozleme :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Leta, this is a wonderful place to be, explore and taste local cuisine!

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    1. Indded! Love ur colorful thoughts :)

  3. This place is gorgeous! Love it :)


  4. Thanks for the history lesson. It looks like it could be ancient ruins but to think it was inhabited less than a century ago. I'll have to but this on my vacation wish list.

    Christy Marie Blog

    1. Indeed! if you make a bit of a history read beforehand, it really touches you more :)

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