Things that I learnt from my wedding

By Debbie - 2:12 PM

As irrelevant as this may be with travel blogging (not at all! preparing for our honeymoon in Japan!!), I decided to dedicate an article based on my recent wedding experience. 

Being so crazy about music festivals, my husband -trying to get used to it :) - and I, wanted to create a music festival to celebrate our wedding. And so we did. In the following days I will give more information about it plus we will launch a webpage for festival weddings. 

For the time being, here is a piece of advice from a newlywed:

- Keep your family close and your friends closer. As independent as you may want to feel, you will definitely need a second opinion. There is no better person to advise you than your family and your best friends. Talk to them, show them the options, listen to their sincere opinion and then decide.

- Be prepared for budget corrections. Upwards.

- Don't go to a professional make up artist. They are extremely expensive (price in Greece varies from 150-250 EUR) and they charge 50 EUR for the trial make-up. They will make you a non- regognisable person covering you with heavy make up and dark shadows. Unless you are a fan of this kind of make-up I suggest you to buy some professional products (try MAC or Benefit - I bought this mascara; also dont forget a highlighter for a bit of dreamy glow) and ask your friends to do your maquillage. You can make some trials with them before.

- Put a bank account at your invitation. We were quite sceptic about it until we decided to finally put it. It was the best thing we did: you make it easy for invited people to not think of presents and also money is quite useful in this period of your life, considering the expenses you will make to organise the wedding.

- Have bridesmaids. I know it may sound weird to say this but in Greece it is not a common thing to do. It is the best way to have your best friends close to you, make great photos with them and share the happiness of the wedding from the very beginning as they have a role. Dress them in colorful dresses or with the same color and have them by your side. 

- Involve your friends. Avoid having everything prepared by professionals. Find the time to invite your friends to come home have a drink or two, eat some pizzas and make the decoration, the wedding favors and anything else you may need. They will enjoy, you will do it as you want and you will have the best of time. Also, involving your friends to your wedding will lead to great memories!

- Wear spray deodorant. I am not fan of spray deodorant, I never use it but this special day you need to be fresh, feel dry and try to sweat as little as possible. The one that I bought and totally recommend for such a day is Dove original or any other spray dedorant that has no or very little perfume. 

- If you are making your wedding gown from scratch, then I suggest to tell to your designer that the wedding is taking place a week before the real wedding! I was so happy with my wedding dress but I was running till the very last minute. (so stressful!) 

- Okay this is really obvious but I will stress it out anyways. Create a Pinterest board and pin your favourite wedding pictures. Ideally print your favourites and use them for the photoshoot after the matrimony. You will not be in the condition to remember them that time. 

-  Book your honeymoon at least a week after the wedding. Booking our honeymoon 10 days after the wedding was the best thing we did. You are so exhausted after the wedding, you need time to relax, make some research for your destination, pack your bags and more importantly be full of energy for this new great adventure. Furthermore wedding creates red tape. You will need to take the papers to various public bodies afterwards. 

- Be diferent. This day is all about making your ultimate party with all your friends! So do it exactly the way you want it. No sales. Even if you cannot afford something make budget alterations or find similar things that are cheaper. But do not hesitate to make whatever makes you happy.

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