How to travel (almost) for free

By Debbie - 11:29 AM

Most of us do work 9-5 for a living. Even if we are not brave enough (yet) to leave our jobs for a life full of adventures around the world, we can discover this planet little by little on a budget! Seriously, this can happen. I am not rich but I get to travel a lot and hopefully one day I will be able to travel a lot more to even farther places. Because life is not meant to be spent only in one place in this beautiful world.
I tried to figure out some ways to travel almost for free, so if you have the wanderlust sickness as well, have a look, make a plan and everything could happen.
First and foremost even though we are not students anymore, the God of Erasmus still exists for us. Erasmus+ program is open for fully funded training courses around Europe -sometimes even outside of Europe-  for adults, with only one requirement: the need to be influenced and influence other people. That's it. Search for it via your local National Agent, Ministry of Education and NGOs. Simple and amazing. You get to travel for free, you interract with people from all around the world and you learn as well! My trips in Sicily and North of Spain were made under the funding of Erasmus+.

Another good opportunity, although not so certain is: Travel Contests!! As childish as it may sound I assure you, I've won a travel twice in the last 3 years. And both were an awesome experience. One with @mtvgreece on June 2013, a two day trip at London plus tickets for Robbie Williams concert at Wembley stadium (here) and one from @mixgrillgr on June 2015 for Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona (here). It is difficult as so many people are participating but as you see not impossible! Have faith and you will make it!

Are you a loyalty card member? If not you should!! Airlines member cards are a very very good way to accumulate miles or whatever they call it and getting a flight reward. The more you travel... the more you will travel (for free!!). From my experience so far, best loyalty card -at least for Europe- is Lufthansa's Miles&More as they have the Star Alliance, meaning many air companies are under this "umbrella", more opportunities to stay loyal to them.

Last but not least, and in case you do not have a 9-5 job or other obligations, you can/should volunteer!!! I am so excited about it, although it is not possible for me to do it I totally recommend it! Check WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), an organization that pairs volunteers with farms all over the world. They provide you with food and a place to stay in exchange with work from 4 to 8 hours on the farm. Unfortunately you pay your flights. But imagine going in a far away place you never imagined you could do it and mix up with locals, get the chance to meet internationals and experience a farm life! 

Do you know any other means of travelling on a budget? If so, please feel free to comment about them and enrich our travel opportunities!

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  1. Great tips and ways! Volunteering is one of the greatest free traveling forms. You not only get to travel, meet new people, but you also do goos while at it :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Wonderful tips! thank you <3


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