The only Grand-Dutchy in the world

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For a tiny, not very known country in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg has something unique, sprung out of a fairy tale: it is a Grand-Dutchy. We don't know how Henry, the Grand Duke feels as the only remaining Duke nowadays, but we felt special visiting this little country.

The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg city and it takes just one day on foot to discover its gems, which are definitely not the banks that dominate here.
The old-town of Luxembourg is an UNESCO heritage, meaning it is protected as it is, thus nothing can be changed in terms of buildings and architecture.
It is very convenient and pleasant to discover Luxembourg on foot. It is full of trees, crossed by a river, it has amazing buildings and cute little cafes and chocolateries. 

The Grand Ducal Palace is one of the main attractions of Luxembourg city, being the official residence of the Grand Duke, and is located in the city centre at Rue du Marche aux Herbes, a busy shopping street. Right accross the road is the famous Chocolate House, where you can taste the best hot chocolate of your life, choose among 30 different types of handmade chocolate or have fun with the little chocospoons (find the ones with alcohol!) having the view of the Palace. 
Around the corner is the main square of the city, Place Guillaume where the Town Hall and the tourist office are located. The look alike Notre-Dame Cathedral is also here, dating back in the 17th century. By the time you enter at the Old Town, you will feel like you walk inside of a painting. The most picturesque part of the city is a pleasure to the eye, showing you the remnants of the fortressthe riverside, the bridges, the trees. This Upper-Lower level city is something unique and amazing. 
You will feel that you entered in a time machine, however, you can easily return to our century with a walk at the gleaming Kirchberg, Luxembourg's financial district. This area has the highest concentration of banks in Europe and some of EU's Institutions, like the European Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank

Nightlife in Luxembourg city is quite cool. The recently built Rue Emile Mousel, a street full of bars and clubs really impressed me, it was like the wannabe clubbing street. And I say wannabe as the place to be for a night out as we were told, is still the Old Town. Visit the hip bar "Urban", which attracts a smart, international crowd with a relaxed vibe. In such a multcultural environment, it is more than obvious that Luxembourg city offers alternatives like El Compañero latin bar and rock concerts at Rochal. If you are in the mood for cultural debates and you are into the subjects of philosophy and sociology then you will love Neumünster Abbey. And if you are lucky enough, you may catch a theater performance or a live outdoor concert!
Grand Ducal Palace in the heart of the city
Transparency and reflections
Beautiful architecture
Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge is a landmark of the city.
It connects Kirchberg with Limpertsberg. Throughout the years the bridge became more and more known for its suicides. More than 100 people have ended their lives by jumping off the bridge since it opened in 1966. 
Photographing the city
Chocospoons from Chocolate House, is another landmark of the city :)
Building bridges, connects people
To ensure maximum protection for the public, including residents of the area until the work is completed in 2017, covering and minimizing the noise and dust from works lead to a wrap of the Pont Adolphe
Several decoration projects of the white canvas were considered; this one was selected as a fun project on which the reference to the sites gué and invite the public to question why the bridge is "sick", what its "symptoms', what is the "treatment" and what are the "healing phases" for it in order to become a solid building. The visual gives the sensation that the bridge is fully enveloped by a giant bandage. 
These are real roses 
Gelateria Amorino is an unmissable stop with the best ice cream, plus it is served in the shape of a rose!
Into the luxembourgois woods
Leaf floor
Magical Luxembourg city by night
Party street Rue Emile Mousel
If you have more time in Luxembourg, then go a day trip to the oldest town of the country: Ecternach. Not really much to see, apart from the cute little houses, the Cathedral, the central square and some shops. Life goes on calm and relaxed there.
Echternach main square
When it is cold, we eat delicious soup!
Luxembourgois moments
Luxembourgois houses

Echternach Cathedral
For festival lovers:
- Maybe one of the most quirkest festivals in the world takes place in Luxembourg city every summer: "Art on Cows", and it is exacly what you think it is: they give you cows, you can paint on them and see them exposed around the city! As quirky as it may sound, it definitely must be a lot of fun!
-  Luxembourg celebrates summer with a summer-long festival called "Summer in the city" with many events and festivals.
Official website: 
- Run lovers, this is for you! "The Night Run" which happens every June attracts 10,000 people annualyly who run a full marathon, a half-marathon or a mini-run by night! It is really magical as the route is candle-lit, hot air balloons are glowing in the sky and there are also bengal lights and music bands  accompanying the runners with live music! 
Official website:

Fun facts by
Multicultural and multilingual. Over 150 different nationalities live in Luxembourg which reflects in all aspects of Luxembourgs society through the use of languages, in gastronomy, arts, leisure, sports, etc. You will be surprised by hearing many different languages in the streets and the fact that almost everyone speaks at least french, german and english
- The Grand Duchy represents the highest density of star restaurants throughout the world. The Michelin Guide rewarded Luxembourg’s best restaurants with 10 stars and 10 Bib Gourmands. 
- Luxembourg represents also the highest density of ‘Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe’. This label guarantees a high quality walking experience. The “Escapardenne - Eisleck Trail” and the “Mullerthal Trail” both fulfill the quality criteria.

*Special thanks to my travel partners: Diana Batraka and Pennie Kal. 

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  1. Such a fun trip! Luxembourg is such a small yet a beautiful country :) Love to visit it one day. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. It is really beautiful for a weekend and quite esy to access since it is in the heart of Europe! xx

  2. What a great travel post :) A photos which really caught my eye was that of which featured the elevated modern pathway connected two old buildings - the contrast is beautiful! The pink roses are so pretty too.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Yes! this uper-lower lever in Luxembourg city is something fascinating! Well.. roses too :)