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Thessaloniki is a beautiful vibrant city. It is located in the North of Greece and it is the second largest city of the country (co-capital, as we the greeks call it).
When you visit Thessaloniki it is definite that you will eat a lot, you will party a lot and you will sleep a few. Because it is a student city (one of the biggest greek Universities located here) that never sleeps and every night parties. On the other hand, it is said to be very a very romantic city, suitable for lovers. It holds a great history that is reflected in its various museums and historic buildings all around.
Whatever destination they categorize it in, Thessaloniki indisputably, is a beautiful city. 
It has a north european air, from the cosmopolitan Navarinou street for shopping, to the waterfront walk from the newly restored Pier till the White Tower. This route is amazing, giving you great views of the cafes, the restaurants but mostly the breathtaking sunset.
Don't miss the boat cafe that takes you a 30 minute boat trip to Thermaikos Gulf and remember to enter the city's emblematic White Tower and go upstairs so you can see the city from top. Just have in mind that it closes at 5 o' clock in the afternoon, so plan an earlier visit - at least half an hour before - in order to have enough time to see the exquisite historic exhibition inside each floor. 
Thessaloniki city centre is walkable so I would suggest you walk to discover every picturesque corner, street and neighborhood. Walking won't dissapoint you, unless the weather is cold. What is more, the municipality offers a Cultural Route Bus (number 50)that takes you to a 50-minute drive around the city's major attractions and it only costs 2 euros per person. There is no better and relaxed way for sightseeing!
In Thessaloniki you can never worry where to party. Cause the answer is everywhere and you can see and feel that. Each corner of the centre is a potential party place as students dominate the city. The main streets to go out is Valaoritou, the famous Ladadika (ofcourse), the Port and the hipster area in Isavron street.
In Thessaloniki you will eat good. Best places with many taverns is Athonos square, Bit Bazar that lives at night and sleeps in the morning and Ladadika.
You will find everywhere patisseries and you will crave everything #mystory. Because everything is so cute and looks so delicious. I can say Thessaloniki is the mecca of pastries. Do not leave the city without trying the famous koulouri (cruller) which originally comes from Thessaloniki but you now found it all over Greece. Try bougatsa which comes with cheese or meat and has a sweet version with cream and cinnamon. Go to "Elenidis" store for the best trigona panoramatos (traditional syrupy triangle with wipe cream) and to "Terkenlis" (your nose will guide you :)) for tsoureki (greek tasty brioche). 
Find "En Karpo" store (we found it by chance) where they have all kinds of handmade chocolate and creams, superfoods and fruit all deliciously made and healthy above all. We spent so much time in there! 
Useful Tips and adresses
  • Terkenlis: 
  • Elenidis: D. Gounari 13, Tsimiski center of Thessaloniki website: 
  • En karpo: Egnatias 12 website: 
  • Cultural route number 50: departs and arrives at White Tower. Time schedule: 08:00 – 21:00 [June to September every hour] and 09:00 – 16:00 [October to May every hour], 2 euros per person/ 1euro for students. More info on:
  • Information on the White Tower:
Best time to go to Thessaloniki is all year round. But best of the best is on early November during the annual International Film Festival where the city becomes a film mecca and attracts people from all over the world, plus there are many parties and great screenings.
Only 45 minute flight from Athens (find cheap flighs with Ryan Air) and five hours by train (Intercity).

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