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By Debbie - 1:54 PM

Even if you are not a photography freak, when travelling, you should take some photos, not necessarily quality ones but something for memorabilia. How many times have you forgotten about places, corners or little towns you have visited? 
Sometimes I scroll down my instagram profile and I realise how much it refreshes my memory. I know that our phones can definitely replace today a very good camera. But me, for example, I am not used to take photos from my phone -maybe because it has a bad camera with the fast progress of technology- but even if it was good, I would prefer other means of capturing moments.
What I mean?

I love my instax. I rarely print photos, I don't know if someone does it anymore so when I feel impressed or when I feel I am standing in front of an important spot of a city (imagine Eiffel Tower for example, or a beautiful lake) I have to capture it - and print it immediately as a postcard. It is a very nice way to keep a souvenir you created by yourself in a place you visited. It is also a very good souvenir to give it to friends whom you may travel together. It is something like a grown ups game (it looks like it as well). The camera costs around 60euros and the film is a bit pricey but its worth it! There are also quite a few accessories and fun things to enhance your photos, like stickers, colourful films etc.
Have you heard about lomography? Another useful (okay, not) camera is a lomo camera!! In the digital era we go analog! It gives you the pleasure of that moment when you develop your film and your heart beats fast in order to see your travel photos. It is a great feeling we tend to forget. Apart from that, you can make various tricks using your lomo cameras, like fisheye effect, multiple exposures, cool mosaics etc. Lomography is a big community with many active members from all around the world so they have a great site at where you can also shop their cameras, various film types and discover great tips for your photos.
Chapter: SELFIES! What an invention.. an invention that lead to the creation of camera sticks! It may be prohibited in some festivals (see Coachella or Lollapalooza), they might be annoying sometimes, it happens to be the extension of the hand of some people, but lets admit it: it is a genious thought. You can take photos of yourself when you are a solo traveller instead of returning home with beautiful (but miserable) photos of landscapes. Where were you?! You can take photos with your partner when you are a couple or you are a duo travelling. Why the one should always be the photographer?! So use them! As much annoying as they can be, they are quite precious in  what they offer!
Okay technology is not bad, the opposite ofcourse. Make the best use out of it. There are millions of applications out there that can enhance your photos, make them more appealing, more fancy, more bright and more of whatever you want! Many people love VSCO camera app and they feel they belong to a special community using the hashtag #vsco after their photos. The SKRWT app is ideal for building snapshots as it is adjusting the perspective of your photos. TouchRetouch is awesome as it can remove unwanted objects from your photos. Imagine in the summertime being in the most busy beach of the island alone... Done! And have a look at Snapseed from Google that does some enhancement to the photos, plus it is free. (ah.. Google!!)

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  1. Very nice post! I love photography and taking loooots of photos when I am traveling :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thank you! me too! I am such a photography freak! I also used to care only about the quantity but thanks to technology now I can have quality as well :) Thanks for visiting! xx

  2. Nice camera, love it :) Kiss kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

    1. Thank you! I love it too :) kisses to France! xx

  3. Your style is phenomenal! Your pictures are high quality and I love reading what you have to say! Have a great weekend! xo