Top things to do in Thessaloniki

By Debbie - 2:21 PM

If you visit Greece, then apart from the Greek islands you should definitely head up to the north and visit Thessaloniki! This city it is beautiful, youthful, very lively but above all it is uber cool!
Here are the best things to do to experience the best out of it:

- Visit the symbol of the city, White Tower and enter the renewed museum inside until you reach on top of the tower for an extraordinary panoramic view of the city.
- Catch the touristic bus that leaves every hour under White Tower, it costs only 2 euros and you will discover the main parts of the city in the most relaxing way.
- Walk and walk along the port. Feel the breeze and the enchantment of Thermaikos Gulf. For fuller taste and perspective of the gulf take the boat and do the 30 minute tour. It may seem touristic but it is a great opportunity to see Thessaloniki from afar. Best time at sunset.
- The city is partying a lot. But Ladadika area is the party area. Taverns, bars and clubs do not close until very early. In the morning.
- For food definitely go to the taverns at Bit Bazaar. It is packed during weekends so either book a table or go on weekdays.
- Best trigono in town is in Elenidis. Ask for it.
- Best gigantic souvlaki in town is Solomonidis at Aristotelous square. Ask for extra yoghurt sauce. 
- Best (fair trade) coffee in town is found in TOMS flagship store in Tsimiski street. Drink and shop and search for events. There is always something happening there.
- The new place to be is Bord de l'eau at Egnatia 45. Hidden inside an arcade you will only meet artistic people there.
- You will find Terkenlis shop almost in every corner of the city. It is amazing and has delicious sweets and food. However, find Ble and go there for breakfast as they have heavenly sweets and their own blend of cofffee.
- For local flavours of ice-cream like tzatziki, tsoureki, frappe etc. then head to Gounari street and visit famous Pagoseto ice-cream parlour. You will remember it for a long time.
- If you want to eat where students eat then the ebst place is Bit Pazar. Located behind vintage shops over Egnatia street, it is one of the best hidden gems of the city. You will eat good (nothing extremely nice though) and very very cheap. So if you don't care about the quality and you want to be at the students' core area then definitely this is for you.   
- If you are a movies lover (but not commercial ones) then plan your visit on early November, when International Film Festival takes place. It is an amazing time of the year since weather is still warm plus you will enjoy the city in a festival mood with special events and screening around the center.

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  1. I love greece so so much!! Nice pics!

    1. How can you not? Greece is so beautiful :) Thank you!

  2. χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε το γλυκό στο Ble γιατί μάλλον εγώ σου το σέρβιρα :P

  3. τώρα που βλέπω τη φωτό, σίγουρα εγώ σου το έβαλα.

  4. Nice poost thanks for sharing