Malbork Castle, Poland

By Debbie - 10:46 AM

I am back to Greece and jetlagged from the polish beauty! 
So, I will start narrating my Polski experience with our visit to Malbork Castle. Situated 60 km away from Gdansk, in the city of Malbork, it is the largest Castle in the world and the largest brick building in Europe holding a great history! It really worths a visit there if you are staying in Gdansk -like we were- as its beauty and history are really fascinating.
Not having much knowledge over the North European history, we took a guide so we could learn more about its impressing rooms and hallways. In brief, Malbork Castle was built in Prussia around 1300 by the Teutonic Knights (Germans). It has several subdivisions and numerous layers of defensive walls. It consists of three separate castles - the High, the Middle and the Lower. In 1772, the Castle became part of the Kingdom of Prussia after the partition of Poland by Prussia and Roman Empire. In the early 1930s, the castle was used by the Nazis as a destination for annual pilgrimages of both the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls. During World War II, in 1945 more than half a Castle was destroyed and there is a big picture reminding us its contemporary history. 
Fortunately, until today the restauration continues and most of the Castle is now rebuilt, putting the visitor in a time machine and giving him the chance to have a closer look in the medieval and contemporary history.
It really worths the trip!
I loved the Castle floors and I was inspired for my own home but then I learnt that none of them was the original, but still.. #tile_inspiration
More information about the Castle you can find here

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  1. This castle is amazing! I would love to go there

  2. Oh lovely last pic ^^
    Nice place :)


  3. Amazing place and history...Poland is always a surprise..very funny pics :-)

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  4. This looks like a lot of fun and the castle is so nice. Hope you had a lot of fun. Great post.


  5. I wish to visit this place soon :) Lovely photos :)
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/Facebook..Let me know !

  6. Great pics <3

  7. What a perfect trip! This place looks beautiful ^^



  8. Wow - this looks incredible! I saw a lot of castle ruins on my recent trip to the UK but none were as restored as this one! You look great too.
    xx Sarah
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  9. Lovely post!

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  10. Wow thanks for sharing these lovely photos! The castle looks so cool!