Ocaña: Barcelona's most artistic bar

By Debbie - 4:38 PM

Opened on March 26, 2012, Ocaña stands out immediately once you step on the vibrant Plaça Reial  in Barcelona.
Entering its huge space, you instantly get impressed of the smooth mixture of old and new art and architecture.  The 1850s architecture, the old chandeliers, the wooden furniture, the beautiful tiles, the vibrant colored 60s chairs, the velvet armchairs and artworks by young contemporary artists create a unique atmosphere combining trends from different decades. Ocaña sums up all different styles and elements in a unique ambient. It is open all hours and offers coffee, drinks and food.
A friend of mine recommended it and it was not possible not to be attracted by its artistic atmosphere. We had a special cocktail in the afternoon among local people and tourists as well.

Ocaña website: http://www.ocana.cat

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