Photo of the day: Open Air Film Festival

By Debbie - 12:36 PM

Athens is a very rich city. Rich in terms of beauty, architecture, culture and splendor. When there are initiatives that combine the ancient with the contemporary culture, we feel even more proud of our heritage and nationality. 
A great example is Athens Open Air Fim Festival that takes place for its 5th year. It is held from June to September, with the support of the Greek National Tourism Organization. The festival highlights various historical sites and forgotten beautiful corners in Athens which they are transformed into open-air movie theaters!
Yesterday, it premiered with a unique event: the screening of the outstanding silent film, «The Cameraman» by Buster Keaton accompanied by the live music performance of multi-talented Theodore and his orchestra, in a magical location: the Temple of Olympian Zeus!
Visit the festival website, check the screenings and join the festival! 

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5 σχόλια

  1. So cool!

    1. Yes, it really is! such amazing background seems extraordinary! :)

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2015

    i love Athen, great City
    Posts online about Hallstatt, Dubai, USA...

    1. Carrie, you should visit one day! xx

  3. Looks great! Nice blog you have, keep up the good work!