Photo of the day: Greferendum

By Debbie - 11:28 AM

The people of Greece are invited on Sunday 5th July to vote YES or NO to an agreement with its lenders that does not exist anymore. Now the topic is more a matter of greek pride and resistance against austerity and people exploitation. And that's because the measures during the 5 years of austerity have not improved the situation at all, on the other hand they have worsened it. Unemployment, poverty, misery have conquered the country and the poor have become poorer. 
Hope was lost until now that some people think that it is our time to resist. But then what happens? We come to a better agreement or we stay alone, isolated from Europe with no allies at all? As greek banks have capital control and as Greece cannot print its own money the question is rhetoric. The answer will be given after Sunday and I hope the result will be the best for people's sake.

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