Top Things to do in Pefkohori, Halkidiki

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Pefkohori is a village in Kassandra, the "first toe" of Halkidiki Peninsula in Greece and is one of the top touristic places for Greeks and foreigners during summer months. It is quite popular among students and youngsters who live in the nearby city of Thessaloniki.
Halkidiki is known for its amazing deep blue color waters, its vast green areas and its natural extraordinary beauty. It is also known for Mount Athos, a  World Heritage Site, commonly referred to as "Holy Mountain" (Agio Oros in Greek). It is considered to be a sacred area with Monasteries and long historical monastic traditions, isolated from the rest of the world, where only men can step their feet on. So technically I will never be able to go. 
For the time being, I felt really blessed to be able to go in Halkidiki and appreciate the beauty of my country one more time. 

So if you ever plan to visit Pefkohori (please, do! and do it during summertime) here are the top things you should do:

1. Walk along the beach, from Pefkohori till Glarocavos

This walk is really nice. For me it is also very tempting. When I am on a beach I want to walk along to find out what more beauties it holds and maybe- to find where it ends. Sometimes it can be exhausting as some beaches (like this one) are quite vast but with the help of technology (yes, I mean Google Maps) I can realise it before starting my adventurous walk.

This path is not a short distance. It is 7 km long but if you are fond of walking the scenery will amaze you as you go by, plus you will discover beautiful beach bars and areas where you can stop for a coffee. See below for example, my favourite discovery, Elephant beach bar!

2. Feel like in paradise at Elephant beach bar

The most dreamy place in Pefkohori beach is undoubtedly Elephant beach bar. It is like a colorful oasis in the heart of the desert. Having a colorful exotic decor, with cactuses, handmade colorful latin american masks and everything made of wood, you will have such a great time relaxing and enjoying the scenery.
The sun beds have huge colorful pillows to sunbathe in style and big beds to lie and drink a cocktail while gazing to the blue sea in front of you!

3. Spend a morning at the SPA in Loutra

Loutra is a village located just 15 minutes far from Pefkohori and you can easily get there by car or by taxi (one way drive costs 15 EUR). The area is famous for its thermal waters that have healing capacities.

The thermal spa of Loutra were first discovered by a farmer looking for sulfur to "feed" his vineyards. After the end of World War II, residents blew the rocks with dynamite and hydrosulfide water came out creating the Hot Springs.
The spa building we visit today was built in 2000 and has two swimming pools (indoor&outdoor), a sauna, a hamam and offers massages for healing and rejuvenation. Thermal water is famous for its therapeutical powers against many diseases in bones, joints, muscles and skin diseases.

The water temperature reaches up to 39 degrees and is really wonderful to swim inside. The cost is 5 EUR for a 30-minute swim in the pool. The smell is not really nice, yes it is like spoilt eggs but in 5 minutes you get used to it and you  will be so relaxed that who cares about the smell?

4. Swim at Glarocavos and explore the ghost port
Glarocavos has one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. It is located 3 km from Pefkohori beach. A canteen and sunbeds are set at Glarocavos beach so refreshments are available to beat the heat. Waters are transparent and the sand is almost white. A real beauty. 

If you are in the mood for a small adventure, you can go even further and continue walking along the beach. You will find an abandoned old port. Sank little boats in a rotten wooden pier among a small forest with great and picturesque views. It is definitely a photogenic place and you can make unique shots (as probably you will be the only one there) like the one above :) 

5. Eat souvlaki at Oveliskos 
They told me it is the best souvlaki in Pefkohori. So I tasted it and it was true. You can choose from three different bread: the classic, the arabic (it is thinner) and the cypriot (is like sandwich bread). You don't want to smell tzatziki? No problem! You can choose from a variety of vegeterian and more light sauces to accompany your meat. Really tasty, really nice and reeeeealy huge! A must!

6. Swim at Chroussou beach, the best of the area

Considered as the best beach of the area you should definitely go for a swim there. It is a little bit organised as there are sun beds and a small canteen for refreshments but don't expect anything more than that. As I told you, sun beds and umbrellas are completely free, so first come - first served. Usually is very crowded but when I went there (beginning of May) it was like an isolated paradise :) 

7. Drink a frappe by the pool at Atrium Hotel

Atrium hotel is considered to be one of the best hotels in the area. It is located a little bit outside of Pefkohori village, you will have to walk 10 minutes uphill. You can easily go inside and relax by the pool bar, drink a coffee (try frappe, the greek famous modern coffee) with views till Pefkohori beach.

8. Swim at the beach in front of Rigakis Hotel

If you start walking from Pefkohori beach towards the village Hanioti, sooner or later you will bump up on a wonderful beach bar that is owned by Rigakis hotel
Wooden chairs, a small boat on the shore great to take some photos, barrels transformed into huge chairs and sunbeds on the beach. What else do you need? A paradise beach, you have it! A coffee in your hand, you got it! The perfect place to be.

Have in mind that all sunbeds and umbrellas in the area are absolutely free of charge. You can order a coffeee or other refreshment if you would like but no one will charge you for using them. The beach is so wonderful, you cannot miss it! 

9. Visit Thessaloniki!
My favourite city of Greece! definitely a must! This beauty is incomparable. Being only a 1,5 hour drive from Pefkohori you can easily get there. In case you do not have a car, everyday buses are going to Thessaloniki (various times, check the schedule first) and the journey lasts about 2,5 hours and one way ticket costs 12,80 EUR. Check my list with the top things to do here and enjoy!

What to pack?
Sandals, synscreen, your swimsuit, a hat and light clothing!

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